The Patchworks integration platform enables brands to create complex, seamless journeys between their key business systems in a smart, intuitive way.

Product Description

The Patchworks integration platform is a well-established partner in the e-commerce ecosystem.
With an impressive library of pre-built integrations, Patchworks syncs inventory levels, orders, shipments, products, tracking information, and more between a multitude of business-critical systems. It’s everything you need to take control of your data not just efficiently, but intelligently.
With self-serve, no-code/low-code capabilities, Patchworks iPaaS allows our clients to quickly pick and choose the right best-of-breed integration for them, irrespective of their technical expertise.

Integration Description

Patchworks pulls data from a source system on a user-defined trigger schedule. Data is mapped and transformations are applied, before being pushed to a destination system.
Customer integrations are deployed to Kubernetes. Secure access to the Patchworks frontend dashboard is via simple sign-in (username and password) or via Google sign-in. The frontend is built in Vue with Nuxt, and is hosted on Netlify; the backend is API-driven.
The dashboard allows users to build highly complex connections (including filters, field mappings, transformations, triggers, alerts and actions) using pre-built connectors - all completely code-free. Taking things a step further, our Inbound API connector empowers real-time connectivity to any data source, so you can connect to your system of choice, securely.
The dashboard has a role-based permissions system. Access to daily summary statistics and sync reports are available as standard, while more in-depth analysis can be obtained via our optional BI module.
Integration can be entirely self-serve via our registration page but a custom path is available for more complex requirements.

Product Screen Shot