Occtoo – Experience Data Platform

Unify content from different sources via our Studio and make it instantly available to commercetools via our commercetools formatter

Product Description

With Occtoo you don’t need expensive integrations to get the right data to commercetools. It is easy to onboard data from different sources, unify this data and make it available via our commercetool formatter. Using our solution will not only speed up your commercetools implementation for less risk and less investment but will also provide you the solution to build new customer experiences and front-ends at lightning speed by using Occtoo’s generated and documented API’s. No worries about scalability and performance when generating dynamic websites, widgets, mobile apps, PWS and other front-end initiatives. 

For commercetools this means faster implementations, earlier go-live for customers and happier partners showing how the bigger community helps customers to implement faster, with less risk and saving money that can be used for other digital projects.

What would your next CX project be if it could be done 50% cheaper and 4-8 times faster

Integration Description

  • Occtoo provides a prebuilt formatter to easily transfer product, variant, category and attribute data from Occtoo to commercetools.

  • Changes are automatically propagated and the configuration possibilities makes it easy to tailor the integration to the customer's needs.

  • The rich UI in Occtoo Studio allows the users to select content to transfer by using segments, select languages, and what attributes to transfer. This gives the user full control and a great overview of the content transferred.

Occtoo - Experience Data Platform