MeQue allows social distancing with Virtual Queuing, Appointment Scheduling & Online Order pickups while uplifting customer experience.
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MeQue allows social distancing while still maintaining customer experience and operational efficiency with virtual queuing, scheduled appointments and contactless online order pickups. It uplifts customer’s experience by enabling them to plan their store visits and enhance their journey with virtual queue management solution.

Main Features

MeQue helps build Loyalty and drive sales by -

  • Eliminating waiting in queue in front of the store

  • Let customer get in queue from anywhere (remotely)

  • Sends live alerts to customer to facilitate just in time entry to store

  • Integrates with backend to facilitate BOPIS/Click and collect/Curbside pick up

Description of the Integration

Solution Features are all cloud hosted SaaS API’s and webhooks. It is possible to connect to the MeQue API with any programming environment that supports sending HTTP requests.

Use Cases

  1. Initial Touch Point – customer scans the QR code at the store gate or on the website and add themselves to the queue.

  2. Customer Nears the Store – Based on geo location and capacity in store, notification is sent to the customer requesting to reach at the gate

  3. Preferential Pre-Booked Time Slot Customer - Customers who have booked to arrive at the store during a selected time-slot, have a gold star on the notification.

  4. Gate Keeper Screens - Each store can have multiple gate-keeper logins. Gatekeeper can scan customer for Entry and Exit and can see the current store occupancy.

  5. Expired Time Slots - If a customer was not able to reach with-in the pre-booked time slot then it shows up on their screen. Gate keeper can override if needed.

  6. Store too busy - Once there is space in the store, customers in the queue will be notified to reach the store gate.

  7. Schedule pickup of online orders- Customer to be shared a Link to connect with MeQue on their order confirmation screen or in order confirmation email.

  8. Curbside pickup at store - Customer will be tracked while en-route to the store. A 2 letter code will be generated to keep customer identification simple and quick.

  9. Configure Store - Configure store values to manage store & customer habits.