NULogic CT PromoEvolve

Extending CommerceTools cart discounts to include Fixed Price and Fixed Amount discounts
for multi-buy line items.


Our NULogic CT PromoEvolve connect application designed to enrich the commercetools functionality with the capability to create and manage Fixed Price & Fixed Amount cart discounts with multi-buy line items. This extension enables users to craft promotions like "Buy 2, Get 1 for $39.99" or "Buy 2, Get 1 with $10.00 discount" effortlessly within the Merchant Center. It streamlines the process of setting up custom multi-buy cart discounts, enhancing the platform's promotional capabilities.

This solution is of significant interest to commercetools customers, partners, and prospects due to its ability to address specific promotional use cases effectively. By enabling the creation of custom multi-buy cart discounts with fixed-price or fixed-amount incentives, businesses can drive sales, incentivise larger purchases, and foster customer loyalty. Moreover, the integration ensures that discounts are accurately prorated on both qualifier and discounted line items, mitigating potential financial risks associated with returns.

Description of the Integration

The NULogic CT PromoEvolve connect application seamlessly integrates with the commercetools platform by configuring an extension for the cart resource to handle cart create and update actions.

As part of the post-deployment activities, it creates custom types for cart discounts and line items. Additionally, it establishes an extension on cart create and update events.

This integration is specifically tailored to support the following key use cases:

Creation of Custom Multi-Buy Cart Discounts in Merchant Center: Users can easily create or configure fixed-price or fixed-amount cart discounts with multi-buy line items directly through the Merchant Center interface. This simplifies the process of setting up promotions, empowering businesses to define rules such as "Buy 2, Get 1 for $39.99" or "Buy 2, Get 1 with a $10.00 discount."

Applying Discounts with Prorated Pricing: The integration enhances the cart object by setting custom fields for both the qualifier and discounted line items. These custom fields contain detailed discount information, enabling accurate proration of discounts across both qualifier and targeted line items. This ensures fairness and consistency in discount allocation, particularly in scenarios involving returns or partial purchases.

By seamlessly integrating these functionalities into the CommerceTools platform, the NULogic CT PromoEvolve connect application empowers businesses to effectively manage and optimise their promotional strategies, driving sales and enhancing customer satisfaction.