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Start growing your business with effortless payments.
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Trusted by more than 130,000 businesses across Europe, Mollie simplifies financial services and enables businesses to grow by accepting online payments effortlessly. 

With Mollie, businesses of all sizes get access to:

  • Quick setup. Begin accepting payments in 15 minutes .

  • Honest pricing. Only pay for successful transactions.

  • All leading payment methods. The best localised experience.

Mollie offers a trusted system of reliability through multiple acquiring banks to keep your business growing. From PCI-DSS to PSD2, you can be sure that all your businesses safety requirements are taken care of. Even when regulations change, you don’t have to do anything – you’ll always be compliant.

Mollie integrates with over 80 Ecomm and SaaS platforms- from accounting to marketing to CRM- leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes.

Integration Description

The integration between commercetools and Mollie uses the Mollie checkout. It does not need to process sensitive credit card data and thus is fully PCI DSS compliant.

The Mollie integration with commercetools enables:

  • All leading and locally relevant payment methods: Immediately access all leading payment methods within the EU and provide a branded, trustworthy shopping experience.
  • Seamless payment changes: Mollie supports seamless chargebacks, changes, cancellations and refunds. The processes are pre-built and ready to use.
  • Full control: We’ve made sure to give you many ways to locate specific transactions. Within Dashboard, real-time data, insights, and reports allow you to make well-informed business decisions.

How it works

There are two standalone modules that interact with commercetools and Mollie. Complete integration requires running both of the modules.
  • Extension Module: Once the API Extension is configured, it will be triggered on every Payment create or update request. Based on the body of that request, it will make call(s) to Mollie's API.

  • Notification Module: Asynchronous notifications handling via notification module. Through notifications, Mollie provides asynchronous payment status changes like authorized, captured, or refunded.

You can find a full overview of the payments flow you can activate on our payments documentation