A Single Platform to Digitise Retail Stores, connecting them to the E-commerce World


Mercaux: A Single Platform to Digitise Retail Stores, Turning them into Multi-Purpose Centres and Seamlessly Connecting them to the Digital / E-commerce world.
Mercaux is a modular Platform, which means that all our solutions are seamlessly integrated together, but can still be launched independently from one another, giving you the flexibility and agility to choose your own path to digitalisation.

Main Features

Mercaux helps transform retail stores from a simple point of sale, into a multi-purpose centre that delivers personalised in-store customer experiences, omnichannel sales and remote selling, as well as serving as a customer acquisition and data capture channel.

Mercaux achieves this by deploying its built-for-purpose modular in-store digital platform that acts as an interface between a retailer’s critical business systems, such as e-commerce, OMS, PIM, and CRM, and to store associates and customers shopping in-store.

Mercaux’s full suite of solutions can be operated by store associates (e.g., Assisted Selling, Clienteling and mPOS), or self-served by customers (e.g., appointment booking or QR apps). In addition Mercaux captures unique and rich in-store customer behaviour data, which can be leveraged in E-commerce and Marketing channels, as well as insights on staff performance and product interest.

When clients like Nike, Holland & Barrett and Tendam adopt digital tools in their stores, they typically go live in 2-4 weeks with the initial solutions and see an increase in conversion, loyalty and units per transaction (UPT). On average they experience a sales uplift of 8% and 5x+ ROI. Results are displayed alongside customer behaviour, staff productivity and product interest data in a dedicated HQ analytics platform. This platform also contains the Content Management System to curate all content displayed across Mercaux’s App.

Mercaux has been listed in Retail Week’s Discovery list for two years running, which shines a light on the world’s top tech companies whose innovative solutions are supporting the retail sector both during the pandemic and in the future. Mercaux was also listed as Technology Vendor of the Year at the RTIH Awards.

Description of the Integration

The integration with commercetools is helping to deliver our main in-store solutions:

  • Sales Assist and Omnichannel

  • Clienteling

  • Fulfilment

  • Mobile POS

The integration itself consists of 2 different parts. The first one is the integration of what we call heavy data (product details, store list, inventory), leveraging Commercetools API to pull data on a scheduled basis via our Integration Hub.
The second part of the integration consists of live integration with Commercetools API for the scenarios that require instant access to the data, such as Clienteling or mPOS solutions.


Mercaux helps transform retail stores from a simple point of sale, into a multi-purpose centre


Mercaux captures unique and rich in-store customer behaviour data


Assisted Selling - Empower Sales Associates and Increase In-Store and Online Sales


Digital Styling - Personalise and create looks for your customers, increasing the level of content in your App


Clienteling - A Single Customer View across all online and in-store channels for delivering personalised Interactions


Mobile Payments (mPOS) - Complete in-store and online transactions without leaving the customer’s side


Fulfilment - Seamlessly unlock and leverage inventory across all stores and online


Appointment Booking - Offer in-store appointments via your online channels and manage the in-store experience when they arrive


Remote Selling - Personalised 1-2-1 communications between Store Associates and Customers