Marketplacer is a global technology company that enables businesses to grow by implementing the next big thing in commerce.


Marketplacer is a global technology company that enables businesses to grow by implementing the next big thing in commerce.
Marketplacer and its powerful network enables retailers and brands to drive growth through connecting sellers to their ecommerce platforms. These sellers enable them to expand their range and categories without the need of owning the inventory or physically delivering the product.
Our more than ten years of marketplace expertise and our partnership approach, ensures we deliver on our vision; to bring growth to every ecommerce business on the planet. Grow on.

Description of the Integration

In partnership with ChangeCX, we created The Marketplace Connector for Commercetools as an accelerator to help enterprise customers launch & scale their 3rd party products strategy resulting in business impact. The Marketplacer platform offers a webhook feature that enables connection to any external endpoint, allowing for the real-time sharing of enriched product and seller data, new orders and seller updates such as shipment and dispatch alerts. By utilizing this mechanism, Marketplacer can integrate with commercetools to create and promote products on a live customer leveraging the commercetools Frontend. 


  • The benefits of this accelerator approach: 
  • Demonstrates real-time integration of information between Marketplacer and commercetools, ensuring that all updates are immediately reflected on the commercetools platform.
  • Demonstrates the ability to easily connect to any external endpoint using the webhook feature, allowing for the seamless sharing of information.
  • The ability to create and promote products on a live commercetools frontend, increasing visibility and sales potential.
  • Alignment with the principles of the MACH alliance, ensuring a high level of interoperability and flexibility.
  • Improve the efficiency of your workflow, by having a single source of truth for products, sellers and advert.
  • Automate the process of creating, updating and deleting products, variants and sellers on commercetools, reducing manual errors and saving time.


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    • Americas APAC EMEA
  • Extra Info

    Since the extension is based on code that lives outside of either Marketplacer and commercetools and is a facilitator between two structured API’s , we assume there is no need for maintenance or security patches etc. Should the API’s of either system introduce breaking changes or be versioned, we can address that in the near future.