Magnolia DXP

It’s the fast, flexible, and future-proof combination of Content & Commerce.
Magnolia DXP


Magnolia is a world leading composable Digital Experience Platform. Our platform combines the functionality of an enterprise DXP with the flexibility of an API-first headless solution— in short, we deliver scalability at speed. 
With its best-in-class Headless CMSConnector Packs, and Headless Accelerator, Magnolia helps you create harmonious multi-channel shopping experiences from product description to check-out from one unified platform.
We operate globally with offices on five continents and more than 200 Magnolia-certified partners around the world.

Description of the Integration

Magnolia offers a ready-made connector to the commercetools platform, allowing you to enrich commerce data with content and other custom data sources—and create unique experiences for any channel.

The connector enables you to use e-commerce content as if it were native Magnolia content, while keeping strong cataloging features and order functionality of the commercetools solution. You get a wealth of powerful capabilities to create content-rich shopping experiences delivered to any storefront:

  • Content – commerce integration  

  • Product recommendations

  • A/B/n testing

  • Responsive assets

  • WYSIWYG authoring and preview

  • Pre-scheduled campaigns

  • Multi-site, multi-country, multi-language rollouts

  • Automatic translations 

  • SEO & accessibility

  • Content analytics

  • And more.

The connector provides, among others, the following features out-of-the-box:

  • Apps to view and manage products, product catalogs and product categories from commercetools directly in Magnolia.

  • REST APIs for cart and checkout, and to serve products and categories.

  • Searchable products and categories, e-commerce templating functions for accessing products and other e-commerce content from CMS templates.

  • Local cache mechanism and e-commerce integration registry to serve your needs.