Luigi's Box Product Search & Recommendation

A full-stack solution for product search & recommendation for your storefront.


Luigi's Box is a Bratislava-based company founded in 2017 to provide intuitive site-search and product discovery tools for online businesses, increasing your sales and conversions by providing your visitors with the best possible shopping experience. Luigi's Box covers all the interactions while giving you complete control and data for your business decisions.

Main Features

  • AI-powered results - AI understands the query intent always to display relevant results.

  • Autocomplete - to speed up a customer's pathway to desired products without the need to type words or their parts to make the search and discovery more comfortable and time-saving.

  • Typo tolerance - allows users to make mistakes while typing and still find the products they're looking for

  • Dynamic filters - the relevance of filters varies on product categories.

  • Voice search - speech recognition makes searching through the web or apps faster and easier.

  • Advanced search analytics - intuitive dashboard to quick visual feedback of the state of your search

  • Product merchandising - promote the products of a specific brand or rank the relevant search results in an order that works best for you.

  • Personalized recommendations - offer your customers relevant recommendations based on their preferences or similarity with previously seen products.

  • Pin to position - assign the desired position to the product in the search results. For example, the product in the sale or the last pieces should be pinned on the top.

  • Advanced Match Quality - Luigi's Box’s ever-learning AI algorithm evaluates the match quality far beyond full text. It understands the content structure and how the visitors interact with it.

Visit to see why it was repeatedly ranked as the #1 e-commerce site search solution by G2 or the winner of BCS search industry awards.

Description of the Integration

Luigi’s Box delivers powerful AI-backed autocomplete (search-as-you-type), search, product listing and recommendations features using a frontend-generated user interface, augmented by market-leading analytics features. Everything is achieved by just including a single line of javascript into your storefront template.

In order to deliver the functionalities, Luigi’s Box needs to know the details about your products & categories. The integration automatically synchronizes your product catalog to Luigi’s Box servers using the API credentials you provide. The synchronization process runs periodically and checks for any changes, to ensure the data within Luigi’s Box is always up to date.

Once you get in touch with our team, they will provide you with the script to include into your template and you will share the API credentials with them so that they can set up the catalog synchronization process.

Having the script inserted and your product catalog in sync, we will prepare your search, product listing and recommendation interfaces, according to your requirements, in a visually suitable fashion to your storefront. You will receive a preview of the functionalities for feedback & approval. Once approved, you will launch the features into production. No coding is needed from your side!

In addition to the aforementioned functionalities, you will also get access to Luigi’s Box dashboards, where you will be able to analyze performance of search & recommendation and fine-tune their behavior to reach your business goals (e.g., to boost particular products).