Lucidworks Fusion SDK

Providing best-in-class machine learning-based ecommerce search and personalization technology
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Lucidworks offers the Connected Experience Cloud (CXC) that captures user signals from every action and applies them to omnichannel digital experiences everywhere. The world’s largest brands, including Lenovo, CDW, Goop, and more rely on Lucidworks’ suite of products to power product discovery, customer service, and knowledge management applications that delight customers and empower employees.
Lucidworks Fusion is a best of breed AI-powered cloud-native search platform. Key features include:
  • Modern cloud-native Kubernetes architecture

  • Deploy your own machine learning models using Python ML, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, or spaCy

  • Smart Answers for chatbots or virtual assistants driven by deep learning

  • Easy business rule creation with Predictive Merchandiser

Description of the Integration

The fusion-sdk created by Lucidworks is intended to enable the extraction of catalog data from commercetools into Lucidworks to provide a more dynamic search option for users. Once data is indexed it can be queried and searched from a commercetools application using the Lucidworks Fusion API. Fusion-sdk can be scheduled to extract data on a timely basis in order to automate indexing the catalog whenever changes are made to the commercetools store.

Use Cases Supported

  • Search Products

  • View Products

  • Query

  • Import Products

  • Update Products

  • Delete Product

This implementation overrides the Elastic Search functionality and replaces it with the fusion-sdk. The fusion-sdk provides both search and import functionality allowing it to be deployed to multiple targets.