LiSA Social Commerce Cloud

Automated, back-end Product Sync integration for on-site, shoppable content formats powered by
the LiSA Social Commerce content management system.

Product Description

LiSA provides a 360-degree social commerce toolkit that enables brands and retailers to drive

more conversions and cultivate a more engaged community on their eCommerce site.

LiSA platform offers a complete range of shoppable content formats (static or

video, live or recorded) , specifically tuned to improve KPIs such as Conversion Rate, Dwell

Time/Average Session Duration, Average Order Value and Return Rate.

LiSA’s intuitive UX makes it extremely easy for brands to leverage enterprise-level tools to

create entertaining, personalized and informative video content for today’s consumer that

expects an elevated, more interactive online shopping experience.

Integration Description

The commercetools Product Adapter is part of a multi-connector system, that

allows customers to integrate their existing ecommerce systems with the LiSA

management console.

LiSA customers can use the commercetools Product Adapter to fetch and import

products managed in their ecommerce system into the LiSA management console.

LiSA creates shallow copies of the products, so customers can assign them to

live shows or other types of content, making the products shoppable in an

engaging and fun way.

Products are kept in sync by either polling the commercetools API on a schedule

basis or by subscribing to commercetools events.

LiSa Management Console