Intelligent marketing automation and customer data platform

Product Description

Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation and customer data platform makes it easy for marketers to deliver hyper-personalized messages across all their channels, increasing conversions and revenue by unlocking every piece of customer data for marketers to use.

Klaviyo is built on top of a powerful, scalable data infrastructure that stores and makes available in real time every piece of customer data—without aggregating or archiving it—from the entire tech stack, for any length of time, in full granular detail.

Integration Description

Klaviyo’s integration with commercetools allows you to quickly and easily sync real-time and historical data into Klaviyo to build and automate hyper-personalized experiences across all channels, increasing conversions and revenue. 

Key integration benefits:

  • Accelerated time to value and ROI with open-source code that organizes and formats data to conform with best practices, designed to sync real-time and historical customer, product, and event data

  • Ability to customize the integration without limitations giving you complete control and flexibility over the data you sync into Klaviyo

  • Get a single view of every customer by aggregating your commercetools data with data from across your tech stack using Klaviyo’s 300+ out-of-the-box integrations and open APIs 

Key use cases:

  • Create real-time, multidimensional segments based on behavioral & profile data from across the entire tech stack and from Klaviyo’s built-in predictive analytics

  • Send targeted, personalized emails, texts, and push notifications that include dynamic images and text, and are easily coordinated across channels

  • Trigger automated messages like browse abandonment, cart abandonment, and win back flows, using data captured by Klaviyo

  • Conduct smart A/B tests to have Klaviyo automatically select the best-performing variant when it’s statistically significant, and roll that out at 100% to the remainder of your audience

  • Advanced marketing intelligence. Access machine learning and AI-powered 1-1 product recommendations, predictive analytics, AI content generation, custom peer benchmarks with recommended actions, and more.

  •  Respond to changes outside of your control (customer trends, increased competition, economic changes, shipping delays, etc.) with the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel.