Omnistore – Retail Clienteling App

Omnistore is a clienteling retail app integrated to commercetools


Omnistore is a clienteling retail app integrated to commercetools to improve significantly the eCommerce revenues. It can feature 4 modules, for a whole store sales experience.

Main Features

Assisted selling

Simplify the sales process thanks to the extended catalogue combining eCommerce and retail stocks. The Store Clerks will become a personal shopper in a true omnichannel customer experience.

Customer data

Surrounding the customer with a personalized experience is possible by using the data: not just the eCommerce funnel and wishlist, but also the store choices and cart, in order to understand even more what the customers like better. Can be integrated to CRM and loyalty programs.

Internal communication

Keep in touch with your customers and their needs, in order to increase the engagement and lifetime value. You can integrate marketing automation, send surveys and provide after sales services.

Teamwork and productivity

Enhance your team productivity by improving collaboration and communcation: Omnistore can monitor in real time the sales force trends and easily assign tasks to the team members.

Description of the Integration

The integration consists of an iOS/Android native “blank application“. This application is modular and it can be integrated to commercetools through a specific module, as well as all of the other stardard requests, e.g. analytics softwares, loyalty programs, marketing automation, etc. All these integrations are provided through the newest technology (REST API, GraphQL..) or any proprietary SDK wrapping, when provided. All integrations are secure, following carefully selected partner standards in terms of communications and personal data treatment.