Google Product Discovery Starter Kit for commercetools

Google-quality search and recommendations for your digital commerce. Increase conversions and reduce search abandonment
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Google Cloud Retail Search is the next-generation search service from the Google Cloud Product Discovery suite of solutions that represents a new AI-based approach to search.
It combines state-of-the-art natural language processing and relevance models with a vast Google knowledge graph to truly understand both customer queries and product data.
It empowers digital retailers to provide best-in-class, personalized product discovery experiences by seamlessly and conveniently connecting customers with products they want, need and love.

Main Features

Google Cloud Retail Search enables retailers to enhance search experience within their e-commerce ecosystems with a variety of advanced features, including:

  • Advanced query understanding to provide better search results from broad and ambiguous queries, including queries unrelated to the product.

  • Semantic search allows customers to find more personalized, meaningful, and relevant search results by analyzing the context of queries and customer preferences.

  • Optimized results ranking that leverages user interaction and advanced ranking models which can be optimized for specific business goals, such as engagement or convergence.

State-of-the-art security and privacy practices that ensure retailer data is protected with strong access controls and is only used to deliver relevant search results on their properties.

Description of the Integration

The Starter Kit for commercetools is a data bridge that enables communication between the Google Cloud Retail Search API and the commercetools API. Catalog data is extracted from commercetools, staged in Google Cloud Storage, transformed, and mapped into a Google Discovery product data format, and loaded into the Google Product Discovery services. Catalog, price, and inventory changes are streamed to Google Discovery to ensure up-to-date search results.

The Starter Kit is built following a cloud-native approach, leveraging powerful Google Cloud data processing services such as PubSub, DataFlow, CloudFunction and BigQuery, to facilitate data synchronization between commercetools and Google Product Discovery services.