Grafbase makes it easy to connect your data sources and deploy a unified GraphQL API with built-in edge caching to achieve globally fast response times. Using connectors you can compose and deploy a GraphQL API from internal and 3rd party data sources like CMS, logistics, inventory and payment data in minutes.

Product Description

Grafbase is a unified data layer that accelerates queries to your data sources from anywhere in the world, delivering low latency to your customers. Improve conversions with just a few lines a code and a fully managed GraphQL platform with a top notch developer experience.


  • Fully managed GraphQL API

  • Connect popular data sources with built-in connectors

  • Accelerate regional data sources with edge caching

  • Real-time Analytics

  • GitHub integration

  • CI/CD

  • Local development with zero configuration

Integration Description

Connect your commercetools project to Grafbase using the GraphQL connector and build a unified data layer at the edge, close to your customers, with low latency around the world.

Using the Grafbase SDK you can compose your GraphQL API using JavaScript or TypeScript and deploy to the Grafbase platform in minutes.

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