The Frosmo Platform

Try for free - AI -driven product recommendations and personalization


Frosmo is the most versatile personalization software with an AI-driven recommendation engine.
Frosmo offers a free 30 day product recommendations trial. The trial is based on retail best practices that orchestrate your visitors ecommerce journey. After seeing the business results during the trial, you can extend to other personalization use cases.
Frosmo uses real-time behavioral data and optimizes product recommendations continuously. Adding new attributes to recommendations is easy and ecommerce managers have a no-code user interface to create new recommendation strategies.

Main Features

Automate your merchandising and save time with Frosmo’s key features:

  • Ecommerce best practices provide a jump-start to your trial

  • Dynamic segmentation of website visitors Creates relevant audiences for targeted recommendations and promotion.

  • Algorithm-based content and product recommendations adapt to every click of the visitor.

  • Rule-based content and product targeting allow you to execute campaigns and offer special promotions and inspiration.

  • AI-driven, automated optimization, and A/B testing ensure that all your actions are based on data and winning recommendation strategies get most displayed.

  • Placements - any element of the site can be personalized

  • Reporting - total transparency to your results either through Frosmo Control Panel, Google Analytics or DataStudio or your analytics platform of choice.

  • Future proof architecture, the integration follows Google’s standards and a React Connector is available for full front’-end control

Description of the Integration

Frosmo implementation begins by placing the Frosmo tag on the ecommerce site header. More information can be found here.

Data tracking for Frosmo’s recommendations happens through DataLayer events. Frosmo recommends following Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce standard. Additional product data (for example availability) is provided through a product feed.

After the trial period, it’s possible to integrate your React application with the Frosmo Platform using the Frosmo React Connector.