The Forter Trust Platform

The Forter Trust Platform integrates seamlessly with the commercetools platform, allowing merchants to deliver enterprise-grade fraud prevention solutions to enhance security, improve approval rates, and ultimately provide a seamless online shopping experience for customers.


Forter is the Trust Platform for digital commerce. As a platform, Forter assesses every interaction across the digital commerce journey to instantly answer: Can I trust this identity? Answering this question accurately is powerful - it can increase conversions, block bad actors, support scale seamlessly and grow customer lifetime value.

From sign-up to login to check-out to returns, Forter's platform unlocks trust for every interaction with your brand - reduce chargebacks and false declines by up to 90% and deliver a superior customer experience with Forter

Integration Description

With the Forter plugin, commercetools merchants can now return a seamless Fraud or policy decision at checkout. 

Merchants will install the plugin and then customize the mapping and decision handling files based on their specific commercetools platform set up, payment gateway, and Forter offerings being integrated.

Integration Flow