The ESW integration enables a seamless, localized extension of your brand identity and customer experience, with design control of product pages, checkout, and the full order confirmation process.

Product Description

ESW empowers the world’s best-loved retailers and brands to make global shopping better, safer, simpler and faster, end-to-end. From compliance, data security, fraud protection, taxes, and tariffs to checkout, delivery, returns, customer service, and demand generation, our powerful combination of technology and human ingenuity delivers quick to market, asset-light solutions for brands to create localized, direct consumer relationships across 200 markets in as few as 4 weeks.
ESW can integrate with existing webstores or build hyper-localized sites to sell to shoppers in their country's native languages and preferences.

Integration Description

Integration of ESW will enable your site with:
  • Checkout: Localized Checkout, Optimized and Configurable Checkout with Local Payment Methods and support of 27 native languages
  • Pricing Advisor: Price your products according to up-to-date FX rates, Duty and Tax calculations and rounding models
  • Landing Mat / Country Selector: Allows customers to select where they’re shipping goods to so we can localize the site experiences and prices
  • Order Confirmation: We’ll add all ESW orders back into your Commerce tools backend
  • Order Status Sync: Any shipping or cancelation updates synced back into your Commerce Tools backed
  • Analytics Module: Get a full end to end understanding of your customer journey

2 Step Process:
  1. Provide ESW with STS tokens

  2. Install the LTI Javascript module, which is as simple as how you install Google Tag Manager