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Enterspeed commercetools Source


Enterspeed’s Speed Layer is a low-code SaaS integration platform that promotes performance at scale with intelligent caching by decoupling, storing, and accelerating backend data sources to the frontend.

Product Description

The Enterspeed commercetools Source is a ready to use integration service that connects commercetools as an Enterspeed data source by importing commerce data such as products, variants, prices, stocks, and categories. 

By using commercetools with Enterspeed, you can integrate your catalogue with your other data sources. 

Thus, you can easily deliver inspirational content from your CMS to PLP and PDP as well as embed products in a landing page without having to call commercetool's APIs and integrate the two using code. By connecting your PIM to Enterspeed as well, you can intertwine data and editorial-based concepts such as brand pages. 

The Enterspeed commercetools Source integration allows data from commercetools to be used through Enterspeed's schema and delivery API, which limits access to sensitive product attributes. That is something that otherwise would have required functionality coded in a backend-for-frontend API. Using the integration, you are secure-by-design. 

Highlights of Enterspeed:

Based on modern MACH concepts
Enterspeed is a Microservice, API first, Cloud native and Headless SaaS

Tech agnostic
Enterspeed is not dependent on a single technology, and we can ensure integrations to several simultaneous data sources, e.g. CMS, PIM, and ERP systems, and serve the data quickly, efficiently, and globally to the frontend user.

Combining multiple sources
Are you utilising more than one commerce platform? No problem. One of the true powers of Enterspeed is the ability to ingest and merge data from multiple sources into a single cached response.

The old legacy systems getting slow? 
No worries, Enterspeed stores the data from the data sources, so the frontend gets it blazingly fast (we’re often looking at 50 milliseconds) even though your old legacy IT stack is shuffling.

High-performant and scalable
We serve large multinational companies needing to deliver data out of data centers in specific regions. Make use of our MS Azure Multi-region Distribution and push your stuff around the globe in seconds. 

Secure by design!
No more worrying about hackers trying to access your vulnerable backend systems through the plethora of APIs feeding a headless front end. Enterspeed brings security by design to your IT stack. 

Integration Description

Included in the repository is a reference implementation based on Azure Functions, that may be deployed directly – or integrated into your own projects.
  • The included default implementation includes products, variants, availability, pricing, and attributes, along with categories and their custom fields.

  • The integration is thoroughly documented in our open-source GitHub repository: GitHub - enterspeedhq/enterspeed-source-commercetools: Enterspeed integration for Commercetools

  • The integration makes use of dependency injection, to ensure the components are extendable and to ensure a loosely coupled solution.

  • The integration ships ready to use with sensible defaults, supporting the ingestion of products, variants, and categories.

  • The Enterspeed.Commercetools.Integration library contains the services, providers, repositories and mappers needed to integrate a commercetools project into Enterspeed as a data-source. Everything in the library is extendable to the point where underlying services may be completely replaced.