IPA.C - Integrated Platform Accelerator for Commerce

IPA.C is a ready to use, PWA frontend accelerator for commercetools


IPA.C is a ready to use eCommerce frontend platform designed to shorten the time to market. Its aim is to establish a future-proof foundation for agile and efficient frontend delivery in microservice-based architectures.

Main Features

PWA Accelerator

Quick time to market, and rich feature set allows for an unmatched ROI. IPA.C covers the scope of viable shop functionality as a ready to use frontend for commercetools and other backend systems. All packaged as a Progressive Web App with exceptional UI/UX.


IPA.C is built with a pure, mobile-first approach progressively enhanced to a fully-fledged desktop version. Its customer experience is unique, leading to reduced bounce rates and higher conversion rates driving more revenue.

Connect Multiple Backends

IPA.C comes with a vendor agnostic multi-layered architecture allowing for quick integration of various backend microservices in one coherent platform. Besides commercetools, it would out of the box connect to 3 selected commercial and open source CMS’s. A dedicated framework allows for quick integration of further backends.

Solid Architecture for Efficient Agile Delivery

Engineered with a strong focus on a solid internal multilayered architecture it guarantees a high degree of flexibility in extending the platform to match custom needs. Both by enabling the fast delivery of dedicated functions and by assuring the long-term quality of the solution.

IPA.C enables you to quickly react to consumer expectations, establish new consumer touchpoints and integrate new business tools in a best-of-breed approach. With IPA.C you build vendor independence and 3rd party commerce applications interchangeability.

Description of the Integration

IPA.C is the PWA frontend for your commercetools and CMS backend.

It covers main shop functions including

  • Catalog browsing: home, search, navigation, product detail page, favorites

  • Checkout: cart, payment, delivery

  • My account: profile, wish list, orders

The functionality is being constantly extended by a dedicated product team.

Optimized for Mobile

The visual layer template was designed using the mobile-first philosophy and focuses around ideal UX. The interface is clear and transparent, and the checkout process is fast and user-friendly, ensuring maximum information and minimizing the risk of dropped carts, thus increasing the conversion rate.

Technically IPA.C makes use of modern techniques of optimizing for mobile, including SSR, AMP as well as aspects of PWA, such as offline mode. Performance of mobile devices was a central requirement in developing the framework.

Multi-layered Internal Architecture

IPA.C’s architecture makes a clear distinction between the functional shop layer and the integration with backend systems. Introducing a level of abstraction in the connectivity to microservices allows for easy and fast adaption to various backends. IPA.C supports REST based services in many formats whether it is GraphQL, JSON-API, JSON LD etc.

Modern Frameworks and Libraries

IPA.C makes use of the newest frontend frameworks, such as vue.js or nuxt.js. The main language used is TypeScript, which speeds up and improves quality of the development by providing static types and enabling complex but easy to use internal structures.

CMS Backends Supported

Besides the native integration with commercetools, IPA.C provides out of the box connectivity to the following CMS’s: Amplience, Magnolia and Gentics Mesh .

Delivered as a Cloud Service

IPA.C was designed in the cloud-native approach and can be fully run in the cloud, leveraging all its advantages - scalability, performance, security and a very beneficial SLA.