Quick Launch B2C Accelerator by Krish Technolabs


Purpose of the solution

Growing and innovative companies who need to build outstanding and scalable commerce experiences using MACH and composable architecture and at the same time they want to reduce the Go to Market time

Composition of the Accelerator

Tech Components

Our commercetools accelerator is Built on modern tech stack by aligning the following tech components with each other :

  • eCommerce Engine - Commercetools

  • Customer Storefront - Next JS (SSR)

  • Content Management System - Contentful CMS

  • Search - Algolia

  • Payment - Checkout.com

  • Krish Middleware - Krish has developed in-house middleware on the top of CT SDK, that connects all the services together and provides additional flexibility and customization for the Third-party services.

  • Speed and Optimization - Redis cache implementation

  • Email Services - Nodemailer - to send the any kind of emails

Benefits of the solution

Launch your headless B2C commerce store with, rich features, in budget and a short time frame, all without sacrificing quality. Our Commercetools accelerator expands on the cloud-native headless capabilities of Commercetools by following composable commerce practice's, pre-coded functionality, crucial integration, and intuitive UI & UX design.


  • Location / Region
    • EMEA Americas APAC