Orium's commercetools Accelerator


Purpose of the solution

Modern retail brands need to adapt quickly to changing requirements. Whether it’s introducing new channels and touchpoints, or meeting the demands of new geographies, languages, and currencies, Orium’s commercetools Accelerator makes engineering for change faster and more reliable.

Pre-built integrations and proven design patterns speed your time to market while minimizing the risks to your brand. Built from the ground up using Figma, Storybook, and Next.js, Orium’s commercetools Accelerator makes it easier for omnichannel retailers to seize opportunities as they arise. Innovate, iterate, and test experiences to future-proof your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Remove the technical limitations from your brand, add new features, introduce new business models, and execute your roadmap quickly and without compromise with Orium’s commercetools Accelerator.

Composition of the Accelerator

Start with great experiences, pair with the components necessary to measure the success of any initiative, and build a complete omniretail solution. With the right set of technical tools, brands can achieve any goal.

Orium’s commercetools Accelerator has out-of-the-box integrations for:

  • commercetools Composable Commerce

  • commercetools Frontend

  • Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Twilio Segment

  • Bold Commerce and Stripe

  • Algolia Amplience, Contentful, and Contentstack

  • Fluent OMS And many more…

Any technology can be added through custom integrations. The accelerator can be extended with virtually any modular technology—such as Bloomreach Engagement, Dynamic Yield, or Talon.One—using APIs to allow businesses to adapt and grow their ecommerce operations. Extensibility works by allowing developers access to manage and manipulate data and functionality, including:

Full access to JavaScript source code and Figma design system artifacts. Customization of the user interface to match branding and design requirements. Integration with third-party systems, such as CRM, ERP, OMS, and accounting software. Development of custom functionality to extend the platform’s existing features and capabilities.

Benefits of the solution

Orium’s commercetools Accelerator is engineered to expand a brand’s transformation past the web to all of the channels where customers are engaging. A simplified decision process shortens the technology curation process by leveraging comprehensive playbooks in commerce, data activation, and retail operations to streamline decisions with confidence.

Brands benefit from an accelerated time-to-value, while maintaining flexibility, by leveraging out-of-the-box foundations to reduce build time. Features are launched faster by using an incremental approach to delivery, whether you’re starting with a new locale, banner, in-store experience, or product line.

Orium’s commercetools Accelerator uses a proven architecture to deliver composable commerce platforms that deliver engaging customer experiences and allow brands to launch faster.

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