Leap by Valtech

LEAP – The ONLY enterprise focused Composable Commerce accelerator by Valtech

Purpose of the solution

LEAP is an enterprise-focused composable commerce accelerator developed in partnership with commercetools and in collaboration with Mars. It empowers brands in the CPG & Retail space to overcome key challenges associated with composable commerce. With LEAP, brands can unlock the full potential of composable commerce and rapidly achieve digital maturity across Experience, Commerce, and Enterprise domains.

LEAP addresses various challenges faced by B2C and/or D2C brands, including limitations related to investing in and managing a composable stack, driving continuous innovation, enhancing customer experiences, reducing Time to Market, optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and effectively managing customer data.

By leveraging LEAP, multi-brand businesses gain the ability to fully customize the user interface, product model, and content model. This level of customization is facilitated by a comprehensive suite of pre-built components and libraries, providing significant acceleration to brand-specific implementations.

Composition of the Accelerator

LEAP is a great example of a 100% MACH compliant offering, built in partnership with commercetools and architected around the business. It is built to be scalable, cloud native & Omni-channel digital architecture and is robust enough to add to it as required via simple integrations. Other components include:

  • Headless CMS

  • DAM

  • Payment – Adyen

  • State of the art design system and Front end (Figma + Edgio)

  • GraphQL

  • Other support functions such as Address Validation, Taxation (Avalara), Privacy, Rating and Reviews and Social & Marketplaces (Google) are baked into it.

Benefits of the solution

  • MACH made simple - combines the advantages of composable architectures and a best-of-breed stack by incorporating top-notch MACH components, follows integration best practices, and ensures continuous improvement through monitoring.

  • Omni-channel ready with web default – Serve your customers where they are active

  • Repeatable and adaptable – Enables multi-brands to build value differentiating experiences independent of other brands aka decentralizes the ownership giving more flexibility to brands

  • Future ready technology stack – Build on top of a tech stack that is both sustainable and robust to adapt to your future needs.

  • Location / Region
    • Americas APAC EMEA