GEAR by Valtech

GEAR – B2B accelerator for Manufacturers with an aftermarket by Valtech

Purpose of the solution

GEAR, developed by Valtech in partnership with commercetools, is a B2B composable commerce accelerator tailored for B2B enterprises. It enhances digital service offerings for Industrial Manufacturers, including asset management, aftermarket sales, online assistance, field services, training catalog, and service discovery.

GEAR seamlessly integrates these services, ensuring a consistent customer journey. It offers a unified experience with single sign-on, enabling self-service access and precise permission assignments within complex customer organization structures.

GEAR stands out for its flexibility. It facilitates rapid project launches with foundational features and provides scalability, extensibility, and customizability to align with unique business needs. In today's fast-evolving digital landscape, Valtech GEAR empowers Industrial Manufacturers to excel in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Composition of the Accelerator

GEAR is a great example of a 100% MACH compliant offering for Industrial manufacturing, built in partnership with commercetools and architected around the business. GEAR is built to be scalable, extensible, and cloud native and is robust enough to add to it as required via integrations and customizations. Other components include:

  • Standard identity management integrations with Azure AD B2B based on standard protocols.

  • Includes common B2B e-commerce features powered by the commercetools B2B API’s (self-service customer organization management, user provisioning, customer-specific pricing & assortments, order management, asset management).

  • Developed with common coding frameworks (React, Next, Typescript) in a modular, componentized architecture.

  • Easily extensible and customizable to meet your business needs.

Benefits of the solution

Faster time to market

Setting up the foundation for your future aftermarket commerce and services offering is a complex challenge. Leverage GEAR to launch a rapid MVP and scale out your composable customer portal and commerce solutions across your customer base for a faster ROI.

Composable front-end

A composable front-end containing all the building blocks you need to lay a solid foundation for your future commerce and customer portal experience. Spend less time building the basics and more time on launching and monetizing new digital services around your installed base.

Business agility

In today's dynamic business landscape, B2B manufacturers face a compelling need to elevate customer experience and to embrace omni-channel approaches in commerce and after-market services. Traditional architecture no longer suffices, as modern B2B customers demand the same convenience and personalization they experience in consumer interactions. We believe that nowadays, it is no longer an option, but a strategic imperative to become a Composable Manufacturer. Time to accelerate and shift GEARs

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