Customer Service Accelerator by Royal Cyber


Purpose of the solution

Organizations are constantly seeking to implement a Customer Service module for their eCommerce businesses. Royal Cyber’s Customer Service Accelerator for commercetools facilitates agents to perform day-to-day operations related to customer requests and queries such as order details, login, and promotion issues, including personal assistance, and much more. It also equips customer service agents with complete insights about the end customer and their journey to provide better and quicker solutions.

Composition of the Accelerator

Messaging, CS Dashboard, Order Management, Customer 360 View, Quotes, Ticketing, Subscription Management, Ticketing SLA, Cart Management, Workflows Management, Apps Plugin, Team Mangement, Product Search, Personal Assistance, Customization & Personalization.

Benefits of the solution

  • Easy plug and play Accelerator available on commercetools’ Merchant Center

  • Improves usability, speed, and efficiency through the use of a single, highly responsive interface for handling all sales and customer interactions

  • Offers real-time, contextual, relevant, and personalized customer service and sales support

  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment by providing online support to the customer while ordering resulting in increased conversion rates and generating more revenue

  • Enhances customer satisfaction through transparency, agility, and overall user experience

  • Provides customer information through the Customer 360º View by combining data from different sources and making it usable for other processes

  • Supports multi-tenancy for streamlining personalized services to customers of multiple brands - Improves service efficiency and enhanced sales enablement