Conduit by Smith Commerce


Purpose of the solution

Conduit is a composable-as-a-Service offering created specifically for B2B manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. Our composable offering reduces the load on an organization’s IT team, expedites launch cycles, and reduces operational risk, providing businesses with a proven path to deliver customer-centric commerce experiences. B2B organizations can provide a wealth of self-service customer tools, empower dispersed sales teams, and reduce the effort needed to manage one or multiple storefronts.

Composition of the Accelerator

The architecture of Conduit was built from the ground-up for the extensibility and flexibility required for complex B2B solutions. As such, it’s organized into three distinct parts: The Portable Experience System, which is comprised of a fully-atomic design system with components built in React and integrated to Storybook for complete documentation; a core engine which provides extensive flexibility in a backend-for-frontend (BFF) architecture combined with strategies to encapsulate business-focused customizations; and finally an integration layer with canonical models of all types with a pluggable mapping capability. The integration layer comes pre-built with integrations to key third-party systems such as headless CMS and search while offering add-on capabilities to support additional services and/or vendors not natively integrated. These three parts come together in a loosely coupled architecture to provide a model in which some, or all, parts can be used to create a solution tailored to the business’ needs.

Benefits of the solution

Conduit delivers business value across the commerce experience lifecycle. Conduit reduces typical launch cycles by 50%-75%, condensing time-to-value and positive ROI realization. More than an accelerator, Conduit adds value at every stage of the commerce solution lifecycle. Conduit comes with a defined roadmap for enhancement and process to address upgrades, reducing operational risk, increasing efficiency, and introducing continuous improvement to your commerce program.


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