Composable Content & Commerce Accelerator​ by diva-e


Purpose of the solution

The Composable Content & Commerce Accelerator makes it possible to offer our customers a perfectly coordinated platform, especially in the B2C sector: in addition to "standard functionalities" such as product listing pages and product details pages, content pages can also be easily extended with commerce functionalities, for example to offer products that require a lot of explanation and to provide them directly with a purchase option. Thus, all strengths of the three SaaS products can be played out: eCommerce with Commercetools, content maintenance and management with storyblok and AI based search features and promotions with Algolia.

Composition of the Accelerator

The Composable Content & Commerce Accelerator is the combination of the three SaaS products Commercetools, Algolia and Storyblok in combination with the diva-e headless frontend based on vue.js/nuxt.js.

Benefits of the solution

Our Vison: build a fast-track MVP within 2 weeks which is directly usable​

Highly modern expandable MACH Architecture combining Commercetools, Algolia and Storyblok​

Much more than a typical white-label shop

Fast customizable UI adaptable for the CI of the customer​

Unique instance directly usable after the pitch presentation​

Many content components to describe all explainable products​ ​

Usage of the whole power of a “promotion based” search: ​

  • Personalized Landing pages

  • ​ Easy influenceable Search Results driven by KPIs​

  • A/B Test ready (e.g. for different landing pages)​

Extensible and composable: further SaaS products can be added like (Promotion Engine, Omnichannel services, Payment, PIM, SAP, etc.)​


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    • EMEA