Composable Commerce Starter Kit by Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics

Purpose of the solution

The Grid Dynamics starter kit streamlines and accelerates the implementation of composable commerce solutions whether it is a greenfield e-commerce site or a digital modernization program. It reduces and embraces the complexity of composable architecture by bringing a solid solution architecture along with several highly extensible pre-built solution components. The starter kit is a proven, geo-agnostic, and pre-composed commerce solution that provides a strong foundation for enabling differentiating capabilities of your business.

Composition of the Accelerator

The Grid Dynamics Composable Commerce Starter Kit consists of a pre-integrated back-end commerce platform, a responsive web storefront integrated with the composable back-end, and a comprehensive set of tools for deploying and operating a composable solution.

The back-end platform implements commerce capabilities through the integration of MACH-compliant products including commercetools, Algolia, Fluent Commerce, Contentstack, Cloudinary, Adyen, and others.

The starter kit architecture leverages composable principles and enables the replacement of any product in the solution with minimal impact. The storefront is a responsive feature-rich Next.Js/React.Js application designed to be easily skinned and customized for a specific client. It consists of dozens of UI components that are pre-integrated with composable back-end systems (content management, digital assets management, commerce platform, and others) to implement comprehensive customer experience. The starter kit is complemented by deployment scripts and CI jobs that speed up launching a production-grade automated deployment infrastructure.

Benefits of the solution

The starter kit includes a battle-proven composable architecture blueprint and a foundational codebase to shape and streamline the implementation of your composable commerce solution and reduce risks. By embracing many of the challenges of practical implementation, the starter kit significantly saves time, especially in the early path-to-MVP stages of the project.

The acceleration varies depending on how well the starter kit technologies and pre-integrated products match the target solution technology landscape—accelerating implementation time by up to 40% for solutions with industry-standard capabilities.


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