Composable Commerce Accelerator by Deloitte


Purpose of the solution

The composable commerce accelerator is a modern MACH-based accelerator that brings your digital commerce solution to life. Reduce risk and complexity and create exceptional user experiences for your customers.

Composition of the Accelerator

Extensible, composable front-end                                                                                  

A simple, flexible, and modern front-end that quickly adapts to your needs to create stunning digital commerce experiences. Rapidly launch prototypes or proof of concepts and iterate towards a comprehensive customer experience.

Core commerce capabilities, ready to go

A collection of loosely coupled commerce functional modules ready to go right away. Designed from the ground up to be extensible—providing a reliable starting point for your new MACH-based commerce stack.

Leading MACH vendors

We know how hard it can be to select the right technology vendors. That’s why we’ve selected some of the leading solutions the market has to offer and brought them together. Need to switch one out? No problem—we can easily integrate another platform.

Secure, scalable, cloud-native foundation
Leverage our time-tested fabric infrastructure layer to automatically secure a scalable, digital platform. Bring core capabilities like integration, security, operability, scalability, and continuous deployment to the digital foundation.

Benefits of the solution

Composable front-end

A composable front-end containing all the building blocks you need to craft a great commerce user experience, at scale, with minimal effort required for customization. Spend less time building the basics and more time building the future.

Core commerce capabilities

A core suite of commerce services pre-built and ready to deploy. Need to make a change? No problem—each service has been built for change.

Leading MACH integrations

We’ve curated a select list of some of the leading MACH commerce vendors, saving you the hard work of trawling the market. Can’t see a must-have logo? Not a problem—we can easily integrate into any MACH-style vendor into our Composable Commerce Accelerator.

The fabric
Designed to run on major cloud providers with high availability, scalability, and security, our Alpha fabric is a reliable digital foundation for your digital commerce stack.