Retail Accelerator by ChangeCX


Purpose of the solution

The ChangeCX Retail accelerator is a pre-curated tech stack suited for retail and CPG customers in the mid market and enterprise level. The stack is comprised of best in breed, API first technologies offering the customer the scaleability and flexibility of composable commerce with complete omni-channel capabilities. The accelerator offers the customer faster time to market since the components are pre-integrated which will also save on costs to build. In addition, the solution offers tools for business teams to make marketing and promotions smooth with out the need for devs.

Composition of the Accelerator

The solution is comprised of frontend and backend commercetools, Algolia for search, Amplience for content and NewStore's OMS for the full omni-channel solution.

Benefits of the solution

Utilizing the accelerator will provide multiple benefits to the customer, including both the reduction in building time and cost, resulting in faster time to market and faster time to value. The composition of the accelerator bundles best in class technologies in a fully composable omni-channel experience. This approach provides a future facing stance that is flexible, scalable and easily adaptable to the evolution of your business and makes re-platforming in the future a thing of the past.


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