B2B ecommerce Booster by EPAM


Purpose of the solution

The B2B ecommerce Booster accelerates time to market for enterprise companies looking for a composable commerce solution with B2B capabilities. By leveraging the booster, B2B businesses can get to market faster, build new digital capabilities, increase their agility, and increase the productivity and performance of their sales teams.

The booster combines the power of commercetools B2B engine, and extends and augments it with new features and additional functionality tailored specifically towards common B2B use cases.

Composition of the Accelerator

The B2B ecommerce Booster is entirely MACH compliant and has been composed with the native commercetools APIs. It is designed to run on any cloud platform and integrate with any frontend solution.

The booster has been composed with:

  • Accelerators for all major cloud platforms.

  • Pre-built extensions for common storefront solutions incl. Commercetools frontend.

  • Enhanced permissions for business roles using Role-Based-Access-Control.

  • Developed with common coding frameworks (React, Next, Typescript) in a modular, componentised architecture for enhanced performance and increased agility.

  • Extendable and customisable to suit the exact business needs.

    The features included in the booster provide the ability to;

  • Create, administer and search for business entities at multiple levels (Company, Division, Subdivision, Business Unit).

  • Generate quotes with personalised pricing at scale. Renegotiate, accept, or reject quotes and create approval rules.

  • Create shared shopping carts, wish lists, recurring orders and subscriptions.

  • Manage future and past purchases with PO support and invoice portal.

  • Impersonate customers’ exact experiences based on their roles and permissions.

  • Limit purchasing power with budgets and credit limits, applicable to the respective defined company levels.

  • Dynamically create localised product descriptions using natural language processing and GenerativeAI.

  • Integrate with common CRM platforms.

Benefits of the solution

The booster provides the following benefits:

  • Speed. Deliver an end-to-end commerce experience at pace — with a ready-to-go set of features and functions that can be deployed and customized quickly.

  • Flexibility. Compose a commerce stack tailored to your specific needs with the flexibility to choose and interoperate with any existing storefront solution or cloud platform provider.

  • Capability. Take advantage of advanced features to deliver superior sales and support experiences for your customers.

  • Agility. Future-proof your business by increasing your ability to respond quickly to future changes in customer demands and market conditions.