Excite by Avensia


Purpose of the solution

For B2C, B2B, and D2C use cases where high performance and flexibility is key. Full support for both omnichannel and pure players. Avensia Excite is an opinionated solution to companies looking for.a composable architecture using commercetools that wants to limit the risk and implementation effort of starting from scratch. It's battle proven and customisable to the customer that needs to be best in field.

Composition of the Accelerator

Avensia Excite is built to leverage commercetools in a composable architecture using some standard implementation. "Core" components in the solution are a CMS and Search and relevance components.

Benefits of the solution

Our key--ready composable commerce architecture based on commercetools with OOTB support for Contenful CMS, Voyado search & relevance and Voyado CRM, PIM integrations to Bluestone and InRiver, utilising Cloudflare as CDN and for spike traffic management. Each component can, in a customer project, be replaced but is available in a default implementation to create a key-ready omni channel commerce accelerator site with best practice implementations for SEO, performance and with standard components for payment, gift-cards etc.