Omnichannel made easy for retail brands worldwide. Adopt POS, clienteling, inventory management, store fulfillment, and native consumer apps all from one platform at your own pace.


NewStore is for retail brands worldwide that want a modern, simple way to deliver omnichannel solutions with real value — making the lives of store associates better while giving consumers a deeper connection to the brands they love.
NewStore was purpose-built from the beginning as a true multi-tenant omnichannel cloud platform on microservices and API-first architecture.
Unlike other solutions, NewStore distinguishes itself by providing retail brands the ability to adopt key solutions at their own pace, including POS, clienteling, inventory management, store fulfillment, and native consumer apps. All solutions are native to one platform that’s designed to make store associates more productive (and happy!) and bring consumers closer to brands.

Description of the Integration

The NewStore accelerator enables streamlined order management for orders captured on your CommerceTools storefront. This real time integration leverages the Commerce Tools SQS webhook to transfer orders to the NewStore Omnichannel Platform where they are routed based on location, inventory availability, fulfillment capacity, customer service level, and more. The NewStore Associate App is used to pick, pack, and ship orders that are routed to store fulfillment.

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