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Magnolia is the superior headless content management solution for a reliable digital experience platform (DXP). Magnolia’s content hub capabilities unify content access across the enterprise, while powerful REST APIs and best-in-class authoring tools let you build and preview amazing experiences for any touchpoint. Just as commercetools, we share the same commitment to building flexible, extensible and easy-to-use software. The Magnolia connector to commercetools offers a best-of-breed solution for great experience-driven commerce. You get powerful templating for rendering product content on the site and any other digital touchpoint, while retaining the strong cataloging features, shopping cart and order functionality offered by commercetools.

Description of the Integration

The Magnolia connector to commercetools provides, among others:

  • Apps to view and manage products, product catalogs and product categories from
    commercetools directly in Magnolia.
  • Cart and checkout over REST APIs. Magnolia uses the cart and checkout functionality
    provided by commercetools and provides a friendly API. You don’t need to learn the
    specifics of the e-commerce system.
  • REST APIs to serve products and categories. You can render products on your Magnolia
    website or use them in headless delivery.
  • Searchable products and categories via Find Bar (our enterprise AI augmented search
    inside Magnolia).
  • E-commerce templating functions (ecmfn) for accessing products and other e-commerce
    content from CMS templates, allows easy rendering. Products can be placed into pages
    and components. All accessible from within Magnolia.
  • Local cache mechanism. You don’t have to request content from commercetools every
    time. Magnolia caches the content to improve performance and response time.
  • E-commerce integration registry to serve your needs. You define the integrations to
    commercetools via YAML or JCR, and Magnolia registers them.