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Frontastic developed a faster and more flexible path to frontend excellence by providing a creation and delivery layer for headless CMS and commerce solutions such as commercetools.

Radically based on “mobile first”, the solution enables ambitious online retailers, brands, marketplaces, or even agile start-ups to easily implement a customer centric digital experience with minimal IT effort. The frontend-as-a-service delivers a Progressive Web App (PWA), enabling customers to focus on the all-important mobile customer experience, while also offering engaging frontend experiences on any other device.

The Frontastic Frontend Editor enables business users (content managers, eCommerce managers etc.) to create, maintain and publish pages in their store by dragging, dropping and configuring elements onto a page - without any coding needed. That creates freedom, autonomy and implementation speed for business.

The integrated Preview functionality lets content managers check the changes they are making to the site in real time on any mobile device, enabling a focus in mobile-first for business users.

At the same time, by giving more freedom to content and eCommerce managers, Frontastic allows frontend developers to focus on developing exciting new elements, focusing on “value-driven frontend development” instead of repetitive, uninspiring daily tasks.

As a result, Frontastic customers can offer more innovative customer experiences to their users, with less resources, more speed and agility, and improved team collaboration, effectiveness and happiness.

Description of the Integration

The integration of commercetools and Frontastic is best suited to transactional commerce sites with complex data and process structures, high traffic and turnover and frequent and agile changes to store pages.

The integration is built as an adapter to our standard eCommerce abstraction model. This allows users of Frontastic to display, search and filter product data but also to have their visitors create carts, wishlists and orders, to maintain their address book and review existing orders. The integration is implemented using PHP 7 and provided as an integral component of the Frontastic FAAS stack.