Facebook - commercetools connector

Facebook Store Connector

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With this integration, merchants will be able to synchronize their existing products in commercetools to be sold in their stores on Facebook. We provide a set of serverless functionality run in the cloud that listens to commercetools events and automatically updates the data in Facebook stores.

  • Publish your products in your Facebook store directly from commercetools.

  • Publish your entire catalog or a sub-set of your products.

  • Dynamically set prices to your products.

  • Dynamically define the inventory to your products.

  • Enable promotions only in your Facebook Store.

  • Allow checkout in Facebook for stores in the US.

  • Allow checkout in the site for stores in Europe.

Description of the Integration

Our connector consists:

  • Terraform project to be executed to create the services (e.g. GCP topic, commercetools subscriptions, etc.)
  • Set of serverless functions triggered by configured topic that is listening to commercetools events and synchronizes data between commercetools and Facebook.

We can offer either running the connector in the customer’s cloud provider or running It in our cloud. We will need to configure the customer’s Google account to complete the setup.