KATA, Enterprise Ready Operational and Architectural Accelerator
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KATA is an accelerator from the experts at E2X to save you time and money when building and running a modern commerce platform. It gives you a tailored, fully functional, fully operational application in a matter of hours.
KATA is both a development accelerator and an operational accelerator. It provides a pre-proven framework for starting and deploying business features in days rather than spinning for months or more, as most programmes do. It provides a tried and tested framework for microservice cloud deployment and run - so you can crack on whilst others are still debating build pipeline approaches.

Description of the Integration

Built on the latest technologies including OpenAPI, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Grafana, Prometheus, Linkerd, Jaeger and Spring Boot, KATA generates and spins up a brand new fully functional commercetools application linked to content and payment interfaces.


KATA provides a user friendly UI to create new KATA applications and generate services in the KATA pattern. There is an intuitive CLI for all functions available to KATA including cloud provisioning, service generation and secrets management. We have created a demonstration application that showcases the best of KATA using commercetools as the engine of commerce.