Crafter CMS

Open Source, Git-based Dynamic CMS

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Core Technologies

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Crafter Software

Crafter CMS is a modern, API-first headless content management platform that enables the seamless integration of content and commerce that builds brand loyalty, increases customer engagement, and drives more online sales. Crafter CMS is used by leading organizations, such as Marriott, Mastercard, AT&T and eBay, to accelerate their customer’s buying journey with content-led commerce. 

Crafter CMS, along with its native commercetools integration, empowers e-commerce marketing teams, content authoring teams, and software development teams to work together like never before, to build and deliver omni-channel, personalized e-commerce experiences. 

Crafter CMS and commercetools, both with their API-first architectures, deliver personalized content and commerce services to modern digital channels - web, mobile, kiosk, AR/VR, and more. You can start today building e-commerce experiences that benefit from high value branded content, personalization, tailored and fast search results, exclusive microsites, enriched product information management, and lots more.

Description of the Integration

Crafter CMS's native integration with commercetools provides, among others:

  • An out-of-the-box e-commerce site with content and commerce functionality working seamlessly together. You only need to plug-in your commercetools account/catalog.
  • Fully functional implementation using commercetool’s demo Sunrise Catalog.
  • Modern, ReactJS application that is free to use and extend under open source license.
  • All product and content information is available to marketing teams via Crafter CMS, which provides WYSIWYG experience editing that enables easy creation, preview, and publishing of personalized experiences across any type of digital channel.
  • Cart and checkout completed over REST APIs. Crafter CMS uses the cart and checkout functionality provided by commercetools and provides its own friendly content API for content enrichment, recommendations, cross-sells, and upsells. 
  • REST APIs to serve content, products and categories. You can render products on your Crafter CMS website or use them in a headless delivery to other channels.