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Ashiba has been built upon Cabiri’s experience in rolling commercetools out to enterprise customers and developing integrations to best in class platforms.
Commerce solutions today are not limited by the monolithic systems of the past. Instead they are built upon the interactions of many components that create a premium selling experience for your customers. Ashiba is the scaffolding that brings these systems together. It is a commerce platform that allows you to pick the products that work for your business and combines them with your unique business logic to present a coherent selling solution to your customers.
Cabiri has selected a core set of technologies and principles: cloud nativeserverless and API first. A unified development approach has been considered for all technology choices, coding languages, testing approaches, deployment, and hosting. This means that a full stack team can rapidly code, test and deploy new experiences.

Main Features

Fully automated build and deploy - Ashiba can set up your platform in the cloud in a matter of minutes. With Cabiri's robust CI/CD solution, ideas in the morning can become reality by the afternoon.

Ashiba enables you to integrate commercetools with any number of solution providers, to power your unique offering to your customers.

A focus on serverless means time and money is saved by not having to worry about servers and orchestration. This reduces the TCO and the time saved can be invested into the needs of your customers.

Cabiri Ashiba is your gateway to experience the freedoms of cloud commerce.

Description of the Integration

Being truly cloud native, Cabiri’s CI/CD pipeline will allow you to spin up new environments in minutes. New ideas can be coded, tested and released confidently, to enhance your customer’s experience.

Ashiba allows you to pick the products that work for your business and incorporate them into a coherent selling solution. Taking into consideration all aspects of the selling cycle from back office to front-end experience, it enables you to quickly assemble a robust platform of class leading technologies and products.

The scaffolding that Ashiba provides will allow you to curate an accurate and complete catalogue within a PIM. Combine that with engaging CMS content and the processing of orders in an OMS/WMS tailored to your business flows. All this built around the stability of the commercetools platform.

This Cabiri open framework allows any tools to be plugged into your unique commerce landscape. Loyalty schemes, personalisation, search and so on, are made easy to integrate.

  • Security Baked-In

  • Comprehensive CI/CD automation

  • Built on React

  • Back-end For Front-end (BFF) design using GraphQL

  • Designed around a common pattern of building and extending API services

  • Data Import/Export across multiple formats

  • Pre-built integrations with best-of-breed headless products