Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions is a great subscription solution for commercetools


Bold Subscriptions is a great subscription solution for commercetools to build and scale recurring revenue for your business.
Coupled with our Bold Checkout solution, it powers subscriptions for more than 10,000 businesses, from simple product replenishment to complex requirements like build-a-box, memberships, or rentals.
Its streamlined, user-friendly interface and robust library of APIs and webhooks can be tailored to create any subscription offering imaginable. Generate custom onboarding, unique rulesets, or post-purchase incentives by plugging into our framework.
Build an experience that reduces churn with a branded portal where subscribers can edit, pause, skip, or manage their deliveries with as much flexibility as you want to provide. Create cancellation flows that offer incentives to persuade customers to stay subscribed. Plus, connect with more payment gateways than any other subscription solution.
But it goes beyond functionality. We’ll join you in an ongoing partnership to help you achieve your goals. Bold offers a variety of service options to meet the needs of your business including dedicated account management and onboarding resources, migration services and 24/7 support options.
Start building long-term customer relationships that generate long-term revenue. Try Bold Subscriptions today.

Description of the Integration

Keep costs low by building a custom experience on top of powerful, modular recurring billing functionality

Get to market quickly with ready-to-use foundational elements

Enhance your offering by adding new features as they are developed

Reduce churn by giving subscribers the power to edit, pause, skip, and manage upcoming orders

Save time and reduce involuntary churn with dunning management that automatically prompts subscribers to update expiring or expired payment information

Create custom cancellation flows that offer customers incentives and alternatives to keep them subscribed

Design a branded experience, checkout flow, and subscriber portal with robust APIs and webhooks

Offer build-a-box, monthly clubs, memberships, rentals, and more, or create your own unique subscription offering

Securely accept customer payments on a recurring basis by easily connecting with dozens of the most-used gateways