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Bloomreach Experience (brX) offers the only solution that fully integrates an open CMS with AI search and Merchandising tools. This powerful combination lets you: 

  • Tell engaging stories across every digital touchpoint - web, mobile, voice, single page applications, chatbots, in store, & more
  • Personalize digital customer experiences by profiling, segmenting and targeting different audiences based on your customer data.
  • Merchandise strategically with data-driven, actionable insights based on your company’s KPIs
  • Drive your visitors to purchase by delivering personalized category pages and search results
  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks by automating operational processes, scheduling product launches, and blacklisting products across sites.

Bloomreach Experience is powered by:

A Flexible CMS

  • Centralize 30 brands across 44 countries into 1 CMS. Ex. GrandVision
  • Deploy 11 brand sites in 4 months. Ex. Cedar Fair

AI Site Search & Merchandising

  • 5% increase in Revenue per Visitor (RPV) across all devices. Ex. Halfords
  • 80% less time spent manually tuning search. Ex. Staples
  • 33.5% decrease in exit rates on search results. Ex. Solid Signal

Search Engine Optimization

  • 24% year-over-year (YoY) increase in natural search traffic. Ex. GUESS
  • Natural search in top 3 growth areas of site traffic YoY. Ex. Neiman Marcus

Description of the Integration

A key way for online businesses to differentiate themselves and build better engagement with their customers is through storytelling — providing an enriched content experience that speaks with authenticity to the customer. Storytelling requires rich web content management capabilities, and requires the ability to integrate content and commerce so that the overall flow is smooth, and the transition from content to commerce is seamless.

Bloomreach has launched Bloomreach Accelerator: commercetools  — a fully productized, documented, and supported integration between Bloomreach and commercetools. The Accelerator provides an out-of-the-box solution for delivering a commerce-enabled digital experience platform. commercetools can be seamlessly integrated with Bloomreach Experience Manager and Bloomreach Search & Merchandising with minimized development effort.

Standout features of the Bloomreach Accelerator: commercetools include: