Apptus eSales

Radically smarter merchandising - the leading online merchandising solution for search, navigation, recommendations and ads/content



Apptus eSales is a cloud-based enterprise search and merchandising platform for online retailers. It provides e-commerce managers with AI-powered, business objective-driven online merchandising which increases customer lifetime value, by combining Site search, Navigation, Recommendations, Ads and Email recommendations into a unified solution. Each component learns from and informs the others, resulting in enhanced personal and relevant user experience, leading to higher conversions and increased sales.
eSales transforms previously reactive, manual and rule-based merchandising – enabling automated, predictive merchandising that works with even the biggest product ranges to present the right products in the right context at the right time.
Generating product recommendations is a key functionality of a commerce solution. Apptus patented, behavioural-driven algorithms, utilizing both individual and group data, enable you to support and inspire your customers throughout the entire shopping journey. Using Apptus eSales, you can rest assured that your customers will have more relevant recommendations, both on your site and through retargeting emails. Examples of recommendation areas are; your landing page, the cart page, the product details page, the category listings, search results and more. You can base your recommendations on numerous criteria, such as previous user actions, abandoned carts, personal favourites, knowledge of the masses and much more. eSales also enables Email recommendations to achieve user engagement based on relevant shopping journey data. Content, based on the latest user behaviour, is generated as the email is opened, assuring a fresh set of products, remaining the same if the email is opened at a later stage or from another device.
eSales enable companies to be more relevant to their customers. It allows for the right products to be visible at exactly the right moment with staggering accuracy, leading to higher conversion, lower degree of search exits and abandoned carts, and above all increased sales and revenue. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you at

Description of the Integration

The Apptus eSales integration process consists of two central elements – Data Integration and Site Integration. An overview of the process can be found at

The Data Integration element is the automated synchronisation of the product catalog (i.e. categories, products, variants, prices, availability etc.). Apptus provides you with a service integration template, that enables full and partial export of the Commerce Tools product and category catalogue. Updates to the catalogue are caught from the messaging queues offered by Commercetools, and by default include support for product and category, cart and order updates.

The Site Integration element is the process of

  • collecting behavioral data, or the process of tracking user interactions (e.g. browsing of your site, clicking on products, adding products to the cart, making purchases, markups of favorites), and notifying eSales of these actions.

  • displaying the rendered content from eSales on your site. Apptus eSales provides a library supporting +30 predefined use cases such as personalized search, navigation, recommendations and top lists.

The Site integration can be implemented at the front-end or the back-end, depending on preference, utilizing our java script library (enterprise Web API v2) or our RESTful API (enterprise RESTful API). A set of guides (enterprise Guide) are provided to help you with the integration, as is our team of technical experts. Once implemented, all eSales features are accessible, including radically smarter autocomplete/product and category suggestions, search with auto-generated synonym support, personal and trend-based recommendations, navigation, relevant faceting and plenty more, giving your visitors the best-in-class, all-inclusive and pure AI based digital customer experience.

Automated retargeting, i.e. personalized email recommendations, are available (enterprise email recommendations). The retargeting feature can be applied on customer emails, used in newsletters, order confirmations, abandoned cart endorsements, segmented campaign emails et cetera.

The Apptus eSales Apps (eSales Apps), are used to monitor and control the Apptus eSales performance, managing product promotions/demotions, controlling exposure strategies, gaining insights into search relevance, user administration, and more.

The integration process is fast and agile with API-first in mind. Apptus Academy provides knowledge transfer for our customers and partners. Apptus Expert Services provide help during your implementation project. Apptus Support caters 24/7 assistance, always.